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Surgical Procedures Belt Lipectomy

Belt Lipectomy

Correct sagging skin around the abdomen, outer thighs, buttocks, hips, and waist. Also known as a Lower Body Lift, Belt Lipectomy removes a circumferential wedge of tissue. Incisions extend completely around the body to remove a "belt" of excess skin and fat. The procedure eliminates the hanging apron of skin and fat and tightens up the underlying muscle wall, which is very similar to what is accomplished in a tummy tuck. Excess tissues located in the back and sides are removed and liposuction of the thighs is performed.

Length: 1-2 hours or more. UAL: 20-40% longer.

Anesthesia: Usually general.

In/Outpatient: Outpatient.

Recovery: Back to work: 1-2 weeks.

More strenuous activity: 2-4 weeks.

Full recovery: 1-6 months or more. Use of tumescent technique or UAL may decrease post-operative bruising and swelling.

Duration of Results: Permanent with sensible diet and exercise.

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